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With Saint Mary's Medical Group, the care you need is never far away.

Our Providers

Saint Mary's is proud to have the following physicians and midlevel providers as part of our Medical Group serving northern Nevada. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact your location of choice directly.

Family Medicine Physicians

Bell Street

P 775-770-3304

F 775-770-3880

Robb Drive

P 775-770-7580

F 775-770-7590

Spanish Springs

P 775-770-7727

F 775-770-7737

South Virginia

P 775-770-7480

F 775-770-7499

South Reno

P 775-770-3327

F 775-770-7551

Arthritis Specialists of Northern Nevada

P 775-770-6775

Center for Cancer

P 775-770-7410

Center for Cardiovascular Care

P 775-770-7622

Center for Family and Integrated Medicine

P 775-770-6715

Neurology and Stroke Care

P: 775-770-3554

Pulmonary Care

P 775-770-7640

Gynecology Clinic

P: 775-770-6940

(775) 770-7664

411 W. Sixth St.
Reno, NV 89503

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